Energy Medicine - Meditation - Sound Healing

About Kathy Sietos

Throughout her life, Kathy Sietos has been a strong believer in alternative therapies, holding within her a deep internal knowing that we all have the ability and wisdom to heal ourselves on all levels and dimensions of being. Born of Greek ancestry, her parents brought with them to the United States many mystical traditions and herbal medicines that surrounded her upbringing.

Kathy is a practicing Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Sound Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator, Energy Medicine Alchemist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. Kathy has been a practicing healer in Denver, Colorado for over 12 years.

Kathy is well versed in facilitating healing in the energy body, she uses an alchemical blend of energy medicine through using her intuition, spirit guidance, channeling, Reiki, chakra balancing, and sound therapy to balance the energetic system.

Kathy’s robust training allows her to promote relaxation and healing on all levels, calling upon energy in the universe to restore balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being. Through her advanced Reiki Attunements, Kathy can also employ these sacred symbols to send remote healing to clients of all ages, at any time and in any place around the world. As a master and teacher, Kathy is passionate about passing on the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho while Reiki teaching the wisdom and sacred knowledge to those who feel called to this powerful and ancient healing art.

Her greatest passion to date is creating a grounded and high frequency space for group intensive healing ceremonies, meditations, activations, and hands on deep and powerful workshops. Kathy believes that when people come together in ceremony and ritual, the effects of intentional light work amplifies exponentially and as such powerful shifts occur.

Fueled by a strong passion to help people, Kathy spent several years in the medical profession working with adults with brain injuries. Later, she turned her focus to helping under privileged children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. Being in this sphere of service for many years ultimately led her to seek inner healing for herself which turned into a passion to help others learn how to find healing within themselves outside of the western medical system.

In addition to energy medicine, Kathy enjoys spending time in the beautiful mountains, exploring music and the arts, spending time with her husband, their daughters and working in her garden.