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About David Schreiner



As a child, David was very connected to spirit, but as he grew up, he experienced life’s traumas and challenges, which caused him to shut down that side of himself. After self-medicating through drugs and alcohol for over a decade, he felt completely detached from his truth and began a journey into rediscovering himself. Yoga and meditation were the gateways into his sobriety and soul journey. He decided to leave Los Angeles after 10 years, to travel South-East Asia, where he learned yoga and meditation from a variety of teachers he met along the way. In 2019, he received his RYT-200hr Certification from East+West Yoga in Bali, Indonesia.


After returning back to the states, David began studying other modalities to help in his own healing. He experienced the power of sound healing, shamanism, plant medicine, reiki, and other forms of energy work. After moving to Denver, he was guided to study Reiki under Kathy Sietos at Green Light Reiki. As he began to heal himself, he felt a calling to assist others with their own healing journey and self-discovery.


David does not consider himself a “healer”, but a facilitator who holds space of love and light for his clients, to assist them on their own transformation. The only true healing is self healing, but he uses guidance from his spiritual team as well as his client’s, to bring clarity and direction to aid them in connecting with their higher truth. David’s offerings are designed to help in the processing of old emotional patterns and beliefs, enabling his clients to reconnect with their higher-self from a place of strength and wholeness.


“Never broken, just wounded. Never lost, just learning. As we begin to understand this, we can begin to heal. And when we begin to heal ourselves, we can begin to heal the world.” - David Schreiner


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