Energy Medicine - Meditation - Sound Healing

About Amanda Russcol

I was 22, working as a carpenter, and more like an old man than a young woman. My back ached, my knees creaked, my shoulders hunched. I was tired all the time.

One morning I woke up with tears streaming sideways across my face, my back spasming so intensely I could hardly move. I realized that I needed a change, and I knew that stepping up my yoga practice to more than "sometimes" would help. I couldn't afford indefinite yoga classes, but I found a traditional teacher training program I could afford and started a few days later. The program taught us about all paths of yoga, including meditation, and vegetarianism was mandatory. After just a few weeks my aches and pains were (mostly) gone, my digestion was phenomenal, I had tons of energy and I was learning how to work through some major issues in my life. The practice of yoga became my home at a time when my physical home changed often. 

Over the next year, I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan to raw. I enrolled in Life Coaching school, taught yoga nearly full time, and took classes all over town, with as many teachers as I could find. I opened raw and vegan restaurants, opened yoga studios and started hosting retreats. I studied (and taught) pre/post-natal yoga, kid's yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sivananda, acrobatic/partner yoga, senior's yoga, yoga for MS, adaptive yoga, Yoga for Arthritis and more. I traveled to India in 2010 to get my 500 hour training with Yogi Sivadas in the Himalayas.

Yogi Sivadas initiated me into Reiki, and taught me Sound Healing and massage from the Snake Tribe lineage of Kerala. It took me two years to "feel" the energy that my classmates had from the beginning, but when it came, it brought channeling. I continued my studies, and began teaching others Reiki in 2016. In 2017 I began studying Vortex Healing™, another energy practice that compliments Reiki. 

It's been eighteen years, and I am still grateful for all the joy, clarity, direction and relief that yoga, meditation and Reiki have brought to my life. I like to remind my students to stop waiting for the good parts of life - this moment is your life. Make it happy, beautiful, meaningful - or miserable. It's up to you.