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Services & Rates


Reiki:  Reiki treats the whole person, focusing on the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.  This form of energy work creates the space for peace, detox, anxiety release, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.  Reiki is a combination of light touch, universal light projection, invocation of Reiki symbols, healing crystals and stones.

60 minutes $70    75 minutes $85     90 minutes $100


Chakra Balancing : Chakra balancing is a unique, intuitive and customized form of energy medicine. Chakra balancing incorporates, smudging, sound, vibration, pendulum, and tuning forks that assist with clearing and balancing the aura, subtle energy field, and the chakra system.

60 minutes $70    75 minutes $85    90 minutes $100


Energetic Cord Cutting:  This modality is used for healing and clearing any karmic contracts created between you and another person.  It is helpful in regaining your energy, clearing communication, and ridding yourself of old and toxic karmic contracts.  This is a wonderful way to clear any patterns or stories created, past, present, future, while cleaning and rebalancing all energies, helping you to start anew.

60 minutes $75


Tuning Fork Therapy:  Tuning fork therapy is a form of vibrational medicine. Tuning forks are precise instruments that change our inner tuning as as auric tuning by creating a resonance throughout our mind, emotions, and body. They do this by creating a vortex of sound that leads to a still-point, resulting in balanced and healthy vibrational frequencies throughout the subtle body.  This treatment uses 7 different chakra vibrational frequencies.

60 minutes $70     75 minutes $85    90 minutes $100


Craniosacral Therapy: Works through and corrects any imbalances found in the rhythm of the spine, cranial system, brain, and cerebrospinal fluid. Using very light touch, and energetic movement, minor adjustments are made that help to unwind the connective tissue surrounding the bones of the head, spine, and sacrum.

60 minutes $70    75 minutes $85     90 minutes $100


Sound Healing: This ancient healing modality employs the use of the planetary earth gong, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, tuning forks, ting shaws, and rattles. Tuning forks are used to direct vibration to specific points and meridian lines. Sound healing is effective for reducing stress, altering consciousness, balancing chakras, creating a deep sense of peace, well being, and better health.

60 minutes $70     75 minutes $85     90 minutes $100


Resonance Alchemy:  Activates the energy and frequency of your Higher Self and unique Divine blueprint.  Muscle testing is used to identify and pinpoint the areas that need the most attention and energetic clearing.  This form of healing focuses on healing deeper levels of stored energy in the subtle body. Resonance Alchemy is relaxing, unique, and tailored to the needs of each individual.

60 minutes $100


Remote Healing:  This alchemical blend of healing treatments is performed at a distance.  During this treatment, a healing grid is invoked, chakras are cleared and activated, guidance and tarot cards are pulled.  Following the treatment a detailed email will be sent describing what was felt in the subtle body and energy centers, along with recommendations and guidance.

60 minutes $70

Private Group Sound Bath:  A beautiful private group healing for you and a group of (up to 11) of  your friends/family. This can be customized to incorporate sound healing, group Reiki grid work, and meditation.  Option for add on Private Cacao ceremony.

60 min $185 

60 min Private Cacao Group Sound Bath -$225

Restorative Yoga:  All yoga postures are performed with props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets to support the body during very passive, meditative, and relaxing yoga postures that are all performed while lying down or seated. These supported postures are held for long periods of time in order to help stretch the fascia and muscles throughout the body. Chakras are activated, balanced, and cleared through these specific supported postures. Restorative yoga is a fantastic conscious form of meditation and healing.  Vibration and sound are added to help clear the energetic system.

Group Classes:$15  Private Lesson: $60 for 60min

Thai Yoga Massage : "Lazy Man's Yoga" incorporates passive stretching, acupressure, rhythmic compression and hot herbal compresses. Thai yoga massage improves flexibility, decreases joint pain, releases fascia, and promotes relaxation.

60 minutes $70   75 minutes $85     90 minutes $100


Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage:  A focused type of massage that assists in releasing chronic muscle tension and adhesions, while creating space for movement, flexibility, and pain reduction.

60 minutes $70     75 minutes $85    90 minutes $100



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