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"Kathy is one of the most genuinely kind people I've ever met. She cares about people, which is probably why she is amazing at what she does. I've only seen her once, and I will continue to go back to her. I have no doubt she can heal anyone!" - Kristen H, 3/4/2014


"Kathy is amazing - truly talented healer. I trust her completely. There are so many others who don't have her abilities. It's nice to find someone who really makes a difference." - Jan H, 2/18/2014


"Kathy is a true healer. Each and every time I go to her I feel something new. Her skills with reiki are wonderful, I leave each session with a sense of balance, calm, connectedness, and presence. Currently I am working with Kathy using tuning fork therapy for an MCL injury. My knee twitched uncontrollably during our session and even a day later, I am already able to put more pressure on it and straighten it a bit more. This stuff really works! Additionally Kathy is one of the kindest, most open people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She always takes the time to listen to my concerns, to reflect with me on the session, and to offer up words of advice and encouragement. She is simply the best!" - Liz B, 2/13/2014


"Ah-mazing. Kathy is the real deal. We all experience times of stress and imbalance. I came into Kathy for a session during one of those uncomfortable times. After my session, I left feeling grounded and peaceful. I enjoyed her incorporation of sound therapy that she infused with reiki. If you're feeling, stuck, off kilter, confused or sick, reiki is a great modality to bring you back into harmony. And Kathy's work is truly something to experience. Thank you Kathy, for shifting me back into alignment." - Jewels B, 12/11/2013


"Got my mother a gift card for the holidays to help ease some of her Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, and the entire experience was amazing! Not only was Kathy understanding of the situation (i.e. introducing my mom to Reiki and Massage), but the treatments have really helped my mom manage her pain- she's even asking for more sessions!!! My mom and I both would recommend Kathy to anyone interested in alternative healing treatments." - Kristin S, 3/27/2013


"I am pretty picky about massages, and this was one of the best I have ever had! Kathy is really wonderful and truly gifted at her work. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with any kind of issue! Also, she has a really generous ethic about charging, which makes her services accessible to the po' folk!" - Jenna H, 3/27/2013


"What a wonderful massage, and in such a relaxing setting. I would recommend Kathy to anyone. Her prices are quite reasonable - $60.00 for a 90 minute massage! I had no hesitation about booking sessions for both myself and my husband in a few weeks, and am looking forward to it already!" - Jessica M, 3/24/2013


"I got this massage as a gift because typically I can not justify paying for such a wonderful, yet costly, luxury. Of all the massages that I've had, this is one that I will actually be scheduling again and again. Kathy is absolutely wonderful and was extremely kind and caring. Her energy is fabulous and when I explained to her that I was a novice when it came to massage, she came with several suggestions and made me feel completely at ease. The work she does is amazing. I have been under massive amounts of stress over the past 3 months and I left Reiki feeling completely relaxed and at peace. I would absolutely recommend Reiki and Kathy to anyone and will be booking any further body work with her exclusively. You will not be disappointed!" - Erin D, 12/17/2012


"I'm a bit of a Groupon groupie. I appreciate body work, however I can't justify the $120 or more per 90 minutes charged by the better massage practitioners that I've found in Denver. I tend to collect Groupons for bodywork and go to a few a month, some good - some bad; Kathy is the only therapist who was so amazing the first time she worked on me that I've been going back to on a regular basis. I still get bodywork done occasionally through Groupon when I find a $29 for 90 minute deal, but they're never as good as Kathy. Kathy has treated me with both Reiki and my biweekly Thai Yoga massages. The Reiki last week was so incredible. I had gone through a few weeks of very intense stress. I wasn't sleeping well and my stomach was in knots of anxiety. The Reiki Kathy performed made it all go away - seriously. The most amazing thing. Her massage work, both the Thai Yoga and deep tissue that she has done for me are the best I've ever had. I leave her studio feeling like I'm walking on air and that every joint and muscle is happy and relaxed. It lasts for days. Kathy is such a nice person. She has a fantastic energy about her and you feel good just being there in her hands. The only complaint I have is it's always over too soon - over long before I'm ready to leave. This isn't her fault; it's related to the theory of relativity. I'm paraphrasing Einstein here as it's an apt description: 'Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Be worked on by Kathy for an hour and a half, and it seems like a minute.' " - Sean K, 7/10/2012


"Kathy is fabulous. I have several autoimmune conditions that leave me with chronic pain and flare ups and Kathy is exactly what I need when this occurs. Her touch is gentle and firm all in the same breadth and her kind caring spirit is just what the body calls for. I leave feeling refreshed and no longer in pain or at least pain significantly reduced. I highly recommend Kathy." - Merrit B, 7/10/2012


"Kathy is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. This was my first Thai massage (or, "Yoga for lazy people" like me) - I plan to go back regularly. Outstanding!" - Kurt M, 9/25/2012


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